Self-Service Car Wash Benefits:

  • Costs less than an automatic car wash
  • Can help to preserve your vehicle’s paint job
  • Extremely convenient, as everything is all set up and ready to go
  • Access to the best car washing soaps
  • Access to a high-powered washing hose
  • You can wash your car exactly how you want it to be washed!

Self-Service Car Wash Tips:

  • Bring plenty of change (quarters and one-dollar bills)
  • Bring your credit cards (We now accepted credit cards)
  • Remove everything out of your vehicle, i.e. floor mats, before putting money into the machine
  • Is your vehicle really dirty? Choose the pre-soak or pre-wash option
  • Don’t forget to wash your tires!

Forgot to bring something? Our vending machines are stocked!